HOW DARE YOU?“ Ignore science?
Keep making money while people are suffering and dying on the planet?
Ignoring facts because they make you feel too uncomfortable?

GREAT4I know that talking about the clitoris and the climate crisis sounds ridiculous, but it is not. Everything is linked and no this is not a new conspiracy theory. I just want to make people think critically about those two topics and act.

Foto: Christopher Ortmann
When I am old I want the climate crisis to be solved, I want us to remember this time as a turning point in history. When I am old I also want FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) to be an outdated practice which will not be practiced anymore. I want us to talk about PLEASURE and CONSENT and STOP VICTIM BLAIMING. I want to talk about RAPE and SURVIVORS and put an END to VIOLENCE worldwide. I know that these DREAMS are BIG and YES I wrote them in capital letters, but I am SO sick of this world! There are so many things that need to be changed NOW and they will not change until we start talking about them and ACT!
I will try my best to explain the link between the clitoris and climate change on Thursday during the WAKE UP ComedyI might be angry and I have every right to be. So do you. Speak up! @gretathunberg
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